Sunday, May 29, 2016

Holiday Happenings--Catching Up And a Giveaway

Do you love Holiday weekends?  (Giveaway down at the bottom)
Image result for heartHoliday Weekends . . . 
I've been  . . . 
Playing with a few watercolors and markers to create this . . . 
Watercolor Journal:
I've started a new project practising some sketches in my prayer journals.  My goal was to pretty much cover the words/letters to hide them.  I used paper pencils first, then a layer of highlighter because I couldn't get the look I was going for with the pencils. Then I add some new techniques to me from PicMonkey. 
I softened the edges and added linen texture.  Turned out kind a cool. 

I have a few other projects I've worked on and not photographed.
So I decided today was the day to take a few pictures . . . 
Kind of an applique out of paper.  This will go in the project book I'm making for my daughters Christmas present.  
I'll either add a scripture to the page or a pocket with a tag insert to finish. 
A WIP I want to add some more water color over the lettering. 
and find some new pencils to complete the letters and the borders  I plan to do a bleach technique on the flower.  
If you look at the top you can see the crumpled tab.  This and all my pages are made out of dividers.  They are slightly heavier than paper but not as heavy as cardstock.  I have a bajillion so this is a thrifty project too!
T:  T:    T:
A collection of papers I received in a recent paper swap.  Love them!  Especially this one . . . 
I've been wanting something just like this!  My swap pattern answered my prayers/wishes! 

I did spend some time making the little cottage festive . . . 
    The table is set and ready for a Memorial Day lunch

I've been reading of course.  And made plans for a fun giveaway to promote my new book blog . . . 

My Reading Journeys

Click here to visit.  But don't go yet.  You have to check this out!
Announcing my first Book giveaway!  I have two books that I've read and reviewed and I'll share with you.  Watch for the giveaway post to enter.  

Well that's what I've been up to on this holiday weekend.  What have you been doing?

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