Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sad Follows Beauty--Garden Update

              Hello welcome to my garden update  
     Open the garden gate/door and  come on in . . . 

                  yellow garden gate
This really isn't my gate or my garden but I love this door leading in. Mine would have a 'Welcome' sign. I found this lovely gate on Pinterest.  I included a link to the post.  The original post I found didn't share a credit for this photo.  Hope I don't get into trouble. Hehe. 

Better show some of my own photo's and stay out of trouble!
It was super windy when I took this shot.  The Salvia is almost laying down because of the wind.  Normally it's standing straight and tall.  I took the photo anyway because I wanted you to see how much the Sweet Potato Vine has grown. 

Here's a shot only a couple of weeks ago . . .
The Salvia is standing at attention. 
Another shot of another pot from a few weeks ago . . . 
The plants are young but healthy.

Here's a little better shot  . . . 
You can see how much the purple grass and the sweet potato vine has grown.  This is before I added the Salvia.  And the pot by the door is before I added the Lantana.   Both the Lantana and the white plant are very sad looking now . . . 
The white plant has some sort of white spots on the leaves.  And the blooms are gone.  I kinda wonder if the yard people sprayed something on it.  

I kinda hate to show this next shot because I moved a pot and realized there was dirt all over the porch from the pot.  But you don't mind do you?  

Because I know you want to see my new treasure!   
I brought this charming little plant stand home from my mothers. 
Free is good!  I stopped at Walmart and bought a couple more Sweet Potato Vines and some beautiful deep purple Salvia.  
They are going up stairs I just set them on the little stand to show it off.  

I wonder what the Cowboy will say when he gets home and sees it.

You can see beyond the little the dirt by our door.  We have no grass.  We've been begging for 3 years for new grass.  Our landlords refuse to plant any!  

I got the new plants planted in my brand new pots!

On more shot.  This is the whinny part of the post.  
If you look beyond the lovely little tomato on my plant you can see across the parking lot beautiful green grass.  

Looking down.  You can see the ugly tacky dirt by our door!  

Maybe I should end with something pretty.  You think?
Well not exactly pretty.  But Heart Warming!  He's running! 
Don't tell the Cowboy I showed you his white legs!  
      A year ago our grandson was in a body cast for 6 months!
                           We smile.  We run!  God is good!

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Molly the Airedale said...

Your new plant stand is just beautiful! Love the last two photos♥

Linda Kay said...

Lovely flowers growing at your place, and I do love the yellow door. Very unique.

Cranberry Morning said...

What fun photos! I do love that door, and yes, it should have a Welcome sign. It's great. What a clever idea. :-)

Michelle said...

Nice seeing your flowers! My sweet potato vines are not liking our cold snap/rainy weather.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

I just love the plant stand and the color of your lantana is beautiful!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo