Friday, July 9, 2010

Prayer Request

Tonight I ask all my friends, readers and anyone that might even stumble in today to prayer for me and My Cowboy. I don't think that if your here today that it was accident.

I have to believe and trust that God sent you here.

Because I need you to lift me and my Cowboy up in prayer.

We are supposed to move on the 23rd to an apartment where we will begin apartment ministry. Today at 4:30 I got the finally approval. I was Praising God.

Today at 5:00 Cowboy found out that his job was no longer available. He has been there three weeks. Which has given us just enough money to pay the motel where we are staying, a little for food and gas.

We have barely enough money for one week and barely enough money for gas and to rent a uhaul to move. There is nothing left for deposits.

We need your prayers. Cowboy needs to find a job in a couple of days and we need to find temporary housing for two weeks. If we can find somewhere to live then we could save the money we have for what we need to move on. But, he still needs a job.

We are volunteer chaplains at a boys prison and we do Sunday services. We have other programs throughout the week. He needs a job that won't affect this work.

We know God has a plan. Maybe it is to include you in this ministry as a prayer partner. Maybe it is to include you as a regular visitor to our ministry blog so that you can lift us and 'our' kids needs up to the Father.

I am so grateful that you stopped in today. I am so grateful for your prayers. I am praying that you my faithful readers have an amazingly Blessed weekend. Thank you for coming by.
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