Friday, July 16, 2010

Prayer Request

Tonight dear ones I ask you to pray again for our situation.
  • We are due to move next week into our new apartment and begin Apartment Ministry.
  • Cowboy still has not found a job. We have just barely enough money to rent a truck to move.
Unfortunately we have struggled so much for so long that our credit has suffered. We have been quoted 500.00 to 800.00 deposits for electricity from a couple of companies. I/we are praying for a miracle. That we can find a company that won't require this much of a deposit.

Also I might have the opportunity to go with our daughter to Missouri to see my son and his family.
This is my granddaughter that is 18 months old. I have never gotten to see her. Please pray that circumstances work out that I will get to go with our daughter. I want to see Libby the grandbaby and be able to spend a few days alone with my daughter and my grandson that is 2.

I am trusting God. I am asking him to give my heart peace. No matter how things turn out I am asking him to give me peace and understanding.

Thank you dear friends coming by. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.
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