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Cozy Corgi Series Spotlight-Author Interview-Great Escapes Tour

Author Interview

Hello Mildred it is so nice to meet you here in the cyber world!  I 
am excited to chat about the tour, the new book and your Cozy Corgi series!

Hi! I’m thrilled to be here at My Journey Back, thank you for having me!

Let’s get acquainted with some fun/fast questions!

Okay, sounds exciting!

Here goes!

Chocolate-Nuts or No nuts
I don’t turn down chocolate in any form, but if I had to pick… nuts!
Coffee, tea or soda
Coffee. Much like Winifred, the main character in the Cozy Corgi, I’m an addict.
The beach, the mountains or the city
Right now, I could really use a beach.
Just dogs? Or cats too?  

I knew it would be fun chatting I adore dogs too!  Let’s get into the
Series and talk about the tour.  

What excites you about the tour?  

Readers!  Both old and new. I’m always flattered when my readers take the time to dive into the tours even when they already know everything about the series. Their support means the world!  And, of course, reaching new readers is huge and such a valuable opportunity. We indie authors don’t have large budgets to reach everyone, so I always fear that there are people out there who would love the Cozy Corgi series, but I’ve not be able to let them know of its existence. However, as a reader, I know that there are series I’ve come after many installments that I adore just as much as ones I’ve followed since the very first book, so, perhaps, it simply happens when it’s the right time for the right reader.

What is your favorite part of a book tour? 

I actually think the interviews are really fun. It’s amazing how many different angles different bloggers take, and there’s always a question or two I’ve never been asked before. In addition, I’m always so literally into my books, thinking about them from my characters’ POV and from the big picture of story arc, that it’s a strange sensation to speak about them from a literary framework. I enjoy it.

I know I enjoy the tours because I love meeting new authors and being introduced to new series like the Cozy Corgi Mysteries.

And again, I have to say thank you for taking the time to have me, and even more wonderfully, to give the Cozy Corgi series a chance. There are countless books out there, more than any of us could ever get to. Any time a person picks up a new book and new author to them, it’s an act of faith, one I’m extremely grateful for. 

Can you share with us how you came about writing the Cozy Corgi series?

Well, I adore cozy mysteries. They are where I go when I want to escape the world in a way that I know will be entertaining and intriguing but will have that sense of comfort and satisfaction, so I wanted to create that as well. As far as the cozy corgi part? I’m an avid dog lover and have had several corgis throughout the years. When I started this series, I had a corgi named Alastair. He offered his personality to be used for Watson, the corgi side-kick of the series. It was like he was just sitting there, staring at me, knowing he needed to star in his own books.  How could I not oblige?

Did you ever consider another location instead of Colorado?

No. Not for a second.  There are other locations I want to do for other cozy mysteries series, but I knew Estes Park, Colorado, was the right one for the Cozy Corgi. It’s the perfect setting. A charmingly gorgeous mountain town. Just enough tourists to keep the huge variety of stores bustling, but small enough to allow for an extended cast of characters that the readers get to know and fall deeply in love with as they go about their lives. I lived and worked in Estes Park for several years (after visiting it constantly with my family as a child), so it was a place that I knew well enough to make believable while still romanticizing a bit. I must say, if you get the chance, take a trip to Estes Park, it’s lovely. And, I promise, you’ll be safe, there aren’t nearly as many murders in town as the Cozy Corgi suggests. 

You’ve been a busy girl with 15 books in the series do you happen to have a favorite? 

Of course not! No author would ever, could ever, pick their favorite. Just ask any of them, they’ll tell you the same thing. 
And… they’d be lying. 
I do have some favorites, but more because of either what they mean to me personally or how they move the series along. Each of the installments can be read as a stand-alone. The primary murder/mystery will be solved in every book. However, there are ongoing mysteries, issues, personalities, etc, etc, etc, that evolve, grow and change throughout the series that have been mapped out since book one. There are a few books, where certain on-going plot lines either get answered, change directions, or new revelations are revealed. Those are the ones I enjoy the most. They’re like rewards for slowly building up to them. 

For those of us who are new to the series do you recommend book 1 or can we jump 
at any of the books? 

You absolutely jump in wherever. Each book has a murder that will be solved by the end, I don’t do cliffhangers in that sense of the word. However, I do believe the series will more enjoyable if read from the beginning, as certain things that happen will have a greater weight or impact if you’ve seen what our characters have gone through to get there. I will say this, the first three books are all pretty light, intentionally.  After that, though they are remain light—they are true to the genre cozy mysteries—things really start to deepen and grow more complex. 

Which one was the hardest to come together or write? 

Quarrelsome Quartz. I try not to preach or have any of my books take on an ‘After School Special’ feel, where there’s an obvious lesson to be learned. As a reader, I hate that, even when it’s about a lesson or an issue I agree with or believe in strongly. I want to read to enjoy and escape. And, with fiction, I believe that those lessons or issues should come across in a natural way, as I believe fiction, by nature, imparts empathy. If you’re beating someone over the head with something, you’re not crafting your art very well.  I slipped into that in Quarrelsome Quartz and let some of my own personal pasts impact the writing. As a result, it wasn’t subtle, and upon reading it after the first edit, realized it wasn’t really even a cozy, as it was much too dark. Much of that book was re-written and while the plot and events didn’t change, the tone and ease did. As a result, I think the book and series came out much stronger for it.

Was there one that was easy. . .everything just flowed?

I know this sounds like a cop-out, but most of them flow pretty easily. I do massive pre-planning, mapping, and outlining, so the hard work is done. More than anything, I LOVE these characters and I truly miss them when I’m not writing or editing them. That makes t pretty easy. I’ve also been through some cancer stuff this year, so many of the books, while not mentioned in the writing, hold dear places because of where I was, what I was going through, or what I was overcoming/facing that causes me to hold them close to my heart. 

I have noticed that food and baking is a part of the series.  Do the books 
include recipes?

They do!  To me, food always plays a part in my favorite cozy mysteries. Actually, food plays a huge part in my entire life. That comes through in every book. (Small spoiler alert: fairly early on in the series the Cozy Corgi Bookshop opens a bakery in the second story of the business.) I love incorporating the recipe included in each book into the storyline. I think it’s so fun to hear from readers that they are actually making and eating what the characters are talking about in the book. 

This has been really a lot of fun getting to know you.  I am looking forward to 
Reading the series.  Before we call it a day can you give us a sneak peek of what you’re currently working on?  

I’m currently working on book 16, Phony Photos. Remember that I mentioned there are certain books that alter the arc of the series or reveal huge secrets.  Well… this is one of those and I can’t wait to see how people react.  I’m also starting a second cozy mystery series, Cordelia’s Casserole Caravan (yes, there will be recipes in that one too), which will start late spring or early summer of 2020.  But, don’t worry, the Cozy Corgi isn’t going anywhere, there are still many cases for Winifred and her corgi sidekick, Watson, to solve!

Thank you for visiting.  Best wishes on the tour!

Thank you so much for having it. It was a blast!!!

Check out the tour
It features all the books in the series. You'll find reviews, and more author interviews.  Click here


Mildred Abbott said...

Thank you for taking the time to host and interview me about the Cozy Corgi series, your kindness means so much! With love, Mildred Abbott

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