Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Collection Of Spring Fences

 Are you glad it's Spring?  It's starting out lovely here. 
Today I thought I would share a few fences that I found on Pinterest. 
Enjoy. . . 
Collect bright-colored hydrangeas to dry for beautiful winter bouquets.
An article on how to dry Hydrangeas
fence + water:
                     Lovely.  I love country fences.  
I'm not sure this link was correct.  It went to a lovely shop called
Terrain.  I'll be checking it out later and making a wish list!
Cute fence:
Another country charmer.  I'd love to see what this one surrounds.
  A fence with archway made of driftwood
Oh how cool is this!  I've always wanted to live on the beach!
Another super cool one.  I'd love to see what his surrounds!
A living fence made of flexible trees
This one is just amazing.  I've had a similar picture cut out from a magazine for years.  I'd love to have a living fence!
Couldn't you see willow chairs in a cottage garden?
A fence made of rustic uneven old posts
And another just charming old country fence.  I love the holleyhocks in the foreground.  I want to grow holleyhocks!
(insert pitiful sad face)
A fence made of old bicycles
Just crazy and cute.  I love the pink one!

         I just love them all for different reasons.  
                       Can you choose a favorite? 

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