Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Boy That Warms The Heart

          silly monkey boy:
Holding the tickets he's looking at the camera wondering why I want to take a picture with the tickets.   

It was a special day for us.  We got free tickets to the Fort Worth Zoo.  

It was special in a lot of ways.  Last year he was in a wheel chair.

This is what he did this year . . . 

He jumped . . . 
Zoo Boy Chimanzee Boy:
He grimaced . . . 
Zoo Boy:
He looked at foot prints in the concrete . . . 
Jumping and Climbing Boy:
He climbed every structure he could find.  And tight rope walked every wall he saw . . . 
Climbing Boy:
If there was a wall or a rock.  He climbed it.  And missed the animals watching him . . . 
Zoo Boy and his Pa:
He laughed at  . . . 
Tatooe Boy's Phone:
This.  Which landed here . . . 
It really wasn't funny.   Glad it wasn't our phone!  
Kangaroo Boy:
Sometimes he does smile for the camera!
Boy n Pa:
He followed his 'Pa' who doesn't know slow . . . 
Alligator Boy 2:
Wrestled an alligator
pony ride:
Of course we had to get a shot  holding his $1.00 for this . . . 
shooting range:
He's an excellent shot.  It runs in the family.

Monkey Hitches a ride:

At the end of a long morning he caught a ride!

It's tiring spending the day looking at animals, running, jumping and climbing.  

It makes you really, really hungry . . . 
Burger Boy:
Hungry enough to eat every bite of your hamburger! 

                      He's the boy that warms my heart!
     Do you have a youngin' that warms your heart?

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