Thursday, March 17, 2016

Parks In Texas--America The Beautiful

We are on Spring Break this week.  It's a perfect time to visit 
some parks in our great state . . .
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                                            Mineral Wells State Park
         Gorgeous view.  Pretty cool fence too!

There are some fun places to visit. Texas Freshwater Fisheries 
located in Athens, Texas. 
Spring is here in Texas.  Our beautiful wildflowers are popping up in fields.  You can see some gorgeous fields along the highways and by ways . . . 

Our state flower is the Blue Bonnet.  They appear along our highways in huge fields.  The bluebonnet fields are a great photo opportunity!
                     Watch out for slithery critters!

The Alligator Gar is an interesting fish found in some of the rivers in Texas.  Click on the source for more info.  about fishing for
Alligator Gar.


Our parks are a great place for cyclist enthusiasts!  
Big Bend National Park is a favorite place for races and events. 

Last spring we had an unusual amount of rain.  Pretty much everything was underwater.  
Thanks to funding help, Bastrop State Park is recovering from the devastating fires.
The Texas parks offer some great places for walks and hikes.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides many activities 
for the visitors to the parks. 

Our great state is home to a host of wild life . . . 



Our state parks offer lots of different types of lodging . . . 
Garner State Park Cabin Rentals | Garner State Park — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department:
                                                            Source Garner State Park


                                                           Source Davis Mountain State Park

              Are you planning your families summer vacation?    
Our big 'ole state of Texas offers lots of fun!  Come and check it out!

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