Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good Fences

I actually got to do a little walking around the area the other day.
Last week was beautiful.  We welcomed Spring. 

Bear Creek Park – Keller, Texas
We have quite a few parks and walking trails right by our cottage home.  I looked for the ducks here.  Many years ago we relocated our pet duck.  I'm sure he's no longer her but I looked anyway.

No ducks but a few geese taking a break from thier travels.

The trails wind through the edge of neighborhoods.
And a golf course.

There are some nice benches along the way.  Us older folks enjoy them!

There are lots of sculptures in the park.
I've never seen this on a trail.  There are several mirrors.  It's an interesting place to find a fence or two to share with Tex.

Have you found any interesting fences?  Go over to Tex's to see a few!

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