Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cutting Down/Spending Less

Spending less has been on my mind for awhile.  
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Most of you know I've been looking for a new job.  For many reasons I need to find a new place to spend my days.  

One main reason is we just need more money.  I recently changed my position because I needed less hours (for many reasons) but 
the change cut into our budget just tooooooo much!

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We've been looking at our expenses and realized that we spend the most money on food.  Not eating out.  Just plain 'ole grocery shopping.  
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We've always been ad shoppers so that's really not something we need to change.   

We're just 'foodies' we love cooking.  We love eating LOL.  We love all kinds of food and we cook all kinds of food at home. 

I'm more of an 'eat out' person than the Cowboy.   As much as I enjoy cooking I just enjoy not having to do it. 

We've already made a few changes.  I've begun making a menu. 
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That has helped us so much.  When I don't have a menu I tend to drive home from work and wonder what to cook and so I stop and buy food.  

Cowboy tends to shop the ads and buy meat.  That's all just meat. 
If we're planning on spending $80 he'll spend $60 on meat.  

I've finally convinced him we have to buy staples and so our pantry right now is really full.  (I'll share pics on my next post)

Which makes me happy.  I hate trying to make a recipe and needing an item and not having it.   One thing we just can't keep on hand is broth!  We really need to buy some this week since it'll be on sale for Thanksgiving.  

We buy our canned veggies on sale usually when they are .49.  We stock up!  

A couple of weeks ago Kroger had pasta .39!  The Cowboy bought 10 packages.   

We don't eat a lot of pasta but it's on hand.  Pasta Salad is great for taking to work for pot lucks.  We have one at work every other month.  

Tonight I read a really cool post at Life At Cobble Hill Farm.
Staci has been sharing her challenge to spend $60.00 a week in grocery's.  I was so intrigued about how she's documenting her challenge that I've decided to do the same.  

I'm not really sure if $60.00 is a good figure for us.  We'll have to think about it.  But just the idea makes me feel good.  It's a goal. 
I love goals.  
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I hope that you'll enjoy this new Journey and come along with me.
So beginning this week.  I'll be sharing my new Journey.  

If your following by email I hope you won't mind if I write more than one post a day.  I'll still be doing the regular link parties.
And I'll be continuing featuring our party hostesses this week. 
Come by and check out the features and visit my favorite parties!


Molly the Airedale said...

Pasta is one of our favorites! Mom always serves it on Sunday☺ Mom has tried the harnesses that have the fastener in the front and they don't really work for me. She also has a Sporn Harness for me and that works better but not as well as the pinch collar. She says that usually by age 8, Airedales tend to stop pulling on the leash FINALLY. That means that I have 5 more years to go

Love ya lots♥

Linda Kay said...

Sixty dollars???!!! Good luck with that. We have venison in the freezer and other items as well, but we can't get through the grocery store for less than $100 usually. By the time you buy all the other stuff besides groceries, it mounts up. Maybe if it was just food, it could be sixty, but with vitamins, paper supplies, etc., etc. I'll be anxious to see how you are doing with cutting back.

Denise said...


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow! Groceries must be a lot cheaper in the States! Groceries continuously climb in prices here, especially the meat. Right now beef costs more than chicken. One time hamburg made a good cheap meal but today you had better plan to make something special with it. I do enjoy pasta and rice but my hubby is a meat and potato guy. So, I do try to make both so everyone gets what they like and a menu is an absolute must! Thanks for sharing your post with us at No Place Like Home and Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn blessings,