Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Sketch-Christmas Gift

I am not an artist.  But I'm making an attempt to be one to make a special gift for my daughter for Christmas . . . 
This is the sketch I'm working on tonight.  Very simple.  Very crude.

I'm doing this years gift on card stock dividers that I am folding in half.  You can see the hole.  I think they are cool because I'll add 
washi tape to the dividers to 'spiffy' them up. 

I'm kind a going with an altered book idea.  We'll see how it turns out. 

I'll be adding water colors to this sketch.  

I've moved my journaling/lettering/doodling supplies from the closet to a table in our bedroom.   I've also moved the computer from the living.  (I use it for inspiration)

Here are a few of my pencils and pens in vintage containers. 
This container (from the '70's) was a flower pot that my father had a plant in.  
It holds my marker 'type' pins.  I'm learning to look for fine tips when I buy. 
Opps a little blurry.  Sorry.  This sweet little container I received with flowers when our son was born in 1979!  It's holding my ink pens.  

And one more pic. to share a new set of pencils that I'm not real happy with.  Actually I'm not totally happy with any of my markers or pens.  
But check this one out . . . 
This is the lavender color I used in the middle part of the sketch just below the words.   I don't see any metallic.  I was expecting cool shiny.  It's not!

This entire set of pencils is very, very light.  I bought them marked down at Hobby Lobby.  

I quess.  I really need to invest in better tools.   But, I think I need 
Alot more practise! 

           So are you making an gifts this year?

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