Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hung Out To Dry or Die

Yep my brand of laundry detergent is 'hung out to die'

So a few weeks ago, on Feb 6th to be exact I bought this detergent.
It had been awhile since I've bought powder but there wasn't any
liquid on sale so I figured I would give it a try . . .

This particular box purchased at the Walmart neighborhood market just a few blocks away boasted 46 washings.
Since I was considering changing to powder to save I figured I would just check it out.  And guess what I found!  Well I got 28 washings.  Now I realize it is possible I missed a couple but 10. 
And, to make it worse I didn't always measure the scoop to the full mark.  

Did you notice this one is advertised at $6.99 each.  At Walmart
it was $4.99.  Boy am I glad I didn't pay $6.99
Our local 4 News has a segment called "Deal or Dude" where the test product suggested by viewers. 
Well in my scientific experiment this one was a dude. 
I know we're all trying to save money these
days so you might give it a try and check out just how many washings your getting from your detergent.
I am interested in knowing what kind you use.  How much do you spend?
BTW the next vacation post coming soon...Just taking a break to do laundry.

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