Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thanks for stopping in today!  I am so Thankful for your visit!  I need to add you to my Thankful list!

First off I am Thankful that I live in Texas.  I love it!  I have lived other places for a short while but my heart belongs in Texas.  Probably because of these . . .

I am Thankful that even though we live in a growing suburban area that I can see these.  Maybe not this many at a time but there are still a few ranches around.  And sometimes when we're driving we get to see a few horses.  Well actually every time we go to our boys facility (where we are Chaplains) we see a nice little string of horses.  There is a riding stable just down the road. 

Today I am also thank that . . .
I don't have to type on  this nostalgic piece of equipment.  Although fun to look at; I am sooooooooo thankful for my computer!  I love it especially because through it I get to communicate with you. 

I am also thankful for eye candy like this.  That because of the internet we can surf around and see lovely little photo's like this.  This one compliments of Martha Stewart.  I would love to have a little area in a yard to set up like this!

And I am thankful that we will spend Thanksgiving with our daughter.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.

So do you have a Thankful list today! 

Thankfully on the Journey today . . .

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Denise said...

Asking God to sweetly bless you.