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Today I wanted to tell a little about the pumpkin carving party that my daughter hosted a couple of weeks ago.  And a little about where she is right now. 

I have mentioned my Thankfulness many times on Thursday for various things concerning her.   And I am very Thankful that God has heard our prayers.  I am thankful he has brought her through a rough time and that she is on the way to being whole again. 

For the past 6 years she has been in an emotionally abusive relationship.  It was not physical only because the abuser knew how to control his anger and not actually ever hit her.  (Walls were o.k. to hit . . . this I only found out about a couple of weeks ago)  Last May after many, many prayers God gave her the strength to leave the marriage.  She is now living with a Godly couple that are our age and have a huge house and lots of room for her and our grandson.  This is a little hard for me especially because what mother wouldn't want their lost and hurting child with them?  But I know God is in control and he has her right where she needs to be. 

In August she celebrated a year of employment at a local Children's home where she teaches horse back riding.  This is significant in her story for many reasons.  One year ago she did not have a support network. And her husband was pushing her to take another corporate job. Her first step toward 'survival' she took the job at the Children's home.

At that time she had no one to turn to but her father and I.  But, because of the brainwashing that comes with an abusive relationship we are the last person(s) that she will turn to.  She was isolated from friends and other family members.  But, she began to develope friendships with Godly women by teaching their children how to ride. These friendships developed.  She developed a friendship with her supervisor also and when she finally left the marriage her supervisor went to the Director of the children's home and they took up a love offering for her.  God supplied her needs.  Another family had a car that they could sell to her.

The last few months have been difficult.  The phone calls and emails from her husband are constant.  The  topics go from 'I miss you..." to " Your a bad person because..."  It is a roller coaster of emotions. 

But even though all this she is going on in her life she has begun to turn a corner and she is reaching out to others.

She is in church every week.  And goes to a ladies Bible Study every Monday morning.  Last Saturday her church had baby dedication.  When she learned about it they said that the 'cut off' was 3 years old.  Our grandson is 3 1/2.  She was talking to the Children's director and started to cry and said "I wasn't allowed." 
She told him a little about her situation and of course they said we could do the dedication. 

So Saturday  she walked up on stage and dedicated him to the Lord.  Praise God she was 'allowed'!

And, she is serving others.  A few weeks ago she hosted the Pumpkin carving party.  She invited a couple of preschooler friends and some teenagers that she is acquainted with at the children's home.  The three teenagers were at the dedication.  Two are teenage boys living at the home.  They have been there 8 years.  They are great 'jungle gyms' for our grandson.  They throw him around like he is a football and run and chase him.  They play super hero's and football and soccer together.  They ride horses together.   They go bowling and ice skating. 

As our daughter opens her heart to others.  As she serves God by giving these kids a little fun she is Blessed.  And she grows.  And God restores her and ever so slowly she is becoming whole.  

I shared this post for a couple of reasons.  During this holiday season you might have a family that is whole and intact.  You might be planning a Thanksgiving dinner with all your loved ones.  You might be out shopping and making plans for Christmas.  You might be decorating your tree or trees! 

Or you might have loved ones that are in situations that keep them away from you.  A child in the military or living in another state.

Do you have a child in an abusive relationship? 

I don't have any answers. 

Because there have been many days that I have had to just 'give up' in a way and just turn it over to God and force myself not think and worry about them. 

But I do know that God wants us to love each other. I do know that stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something kind for someone else is what God wants us to do. 

It might be something as simple as hosting a Pumpkin Carving party.  Since it is a little late for that now . . . How about a coffee or tea for a friend,  or maybe a cookie exchange.  Or maybe you could just invite a mom over and have a play date with the kids. 

Maybe you have older kids and you know a couple with kids that left for college this year.  Or away and won't be home for the holidays.  Or a senior adult who will be alone for the holidays. 

If you think about it the ideas and endless!  I hope that this holiday season you have a wonderfully Blessed time.  I hope and pray that your family will be together.  And I hope and pray that you can be a Blessing to someone else. 

Father God thank you for our families.  Thank you for the holidays and the time we will share with our loved ones.  Father I ask you to give us the opportunity to share our faith with someone else just by gently loving them or by doing an act of kindness. 

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