Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So what do you think?

So I need your help!  I need your opinion. 
                         What do you think of . . .

I don't think we even got half way through before the 3 year finally didn't want to watch it anymore. 
We were so tired of watching Toy Story 2 (which we own) that we got 3 at the library. 
My 3 year old grandson surprised when in the beginning when the dog lays down I gigled and said "The dogs old!"  He responded and said "That's not funny." I was thinking 'Oh my gosh was he dead?'  I couldn't tell so I wondered 'Well does he die in the end?

His "That's not funny" comment was repeated over and over throughout the part of the movie we watched. 

I was personally disturbed when the group first gets to the day care and the kids are in my opinion 'wild' and destroy the toys. 

Did this disturb you?  Or is it just me. 

And maybe I am jumping the gun here because we didn't see it all the way through which we will do tonight or tomorrow. 

But I wanted to get some opinions. 

What did you think?   Did it bother your 3 year old?  Did it disturb you?  Am I stupid?

So how about a discussion?  Maybe not on the "Am I stupid?" guestion
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