Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blue Monday Laundry Day Oh Joy!

First I have to say . . . I missed Monday . . .
But I loved this post I had planned so I wanted to share it!

And thank you for coming by last week.  Sorry I couldn't take you along on our holiday.  I hope you enjoyed the photos. 
Well we are back from our little (pretend holiday) and after every vacation.  What happens next the dreaded  "L" word.
Yep it is laundry day and I am Blue.

Since I am blue I got out these cheerful Blue clothes pins.
Oh I forgot to mention I keep my 3 year old grandson on Mondays  he really chases those Blues away.

 But today well he got into some mud and you can only imagine what I had to do next . . .

Into the wash go some socks.

 And then next . . .

All those jeans and things from the trip.  (this is fantasy btw)

And now I have to give a little credit where it is due.  Nope he isn't mine but isn't he adorable.  His mama was the inspiration for this Blue Laundry day post.  Behind him it is hard to see is the amazing custom built clothesline with removable swings for the kids.  You have to go over and check out the post.  It is truly amazing!  I love this mama of 11 kids!  Click here

Thanks for coming by and helping beat the Blues today. 
 Oh before you go stop over at Sally's she is our amazing Blue Monday hostess!  Click here to pop over.

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