Monday, October 10, 2011

My I Need A Vacation...Blue Monday

I would really love a vacation and so today I am takin' one . . .
Come and join me!

So first things first . . .

I set my alarm.   Then, I got dressed and;

Put on some great walkin' shoes.  Everyone knows you gotta have great walkin' shoes. 

And then the most amazing thing happened! 

Cowboy wanted to go so.  A second Honey Moon he called!  How can a woman refuse!

Sorry to say my dear sweet friends. You are 'univited'  at least for this trip.  Please don't be mad. 

Ohhhhh....It was such a fun trip.....

We found the cutests little trailer right on the beach.  And after a little food and a little ______ we decided to do some exploring. 

And so we set sail. . .

And sailed off into the sunset under a Blue sky

I really am sorry I had to 'univite' you but if you are really lonely and need something fun to do today.  Go over and visit Sally for more fun Blue Monday!  Click here
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