Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Monday

Are you a little Blue today? 
I was a little Blue last Monday because I didn't get to link my post.
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 Last week we had to change addresses.  Not us personally but our ministry offices and warehouse.  And, it made me a little blue as we said goodbye to some amazing people that donated space to us. 

And so I thought I would search for a few blue mailboxs.  

Actually the idea came from this phot I found at Oranizing Mama.  I love this idea.  So cute.  What a great way to organize the kids. 
Then I googled mail boxs and found this cute one. 

And these.  Wow lots of blue here!

And then well I got distracted because you see my birthday is coming up soon and I am thinking about cake.  And I promise you that I am going to have cake this year!
Maybe not this big.  Maybe not blue but I will have cake! 

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BTW before you run over to Sally's did you notice my question at the top of the page?  Would you mind leaving me a comment and answer my question of the week? 

Smiling on a Blue Monday,
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