Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mission 4 Monday

I have really missed writing regular posts.  I still have not resolved the computer problem and so we wait upon the Lord.  It is Sunday afternoon and I got a chance for a few minutes on the computer so I wanted to go ahead and get a post up for Monday. 
Today I want to share again about Hope Inn Christ.  I want to start by saying I have no idea exactly what plans God has for us with this ministry but we know that we will be a part at the very least by providing food. 
On Saturday we made our second delivery of food.  I took a few photo's.  Here's one of the sign.

Hope Inn Christ is a residential aftercare home for young boys (18-20) that are released from our state juvenile prison.  Hope Inn Christ officially opened a couple of weeks ago when the first boy moved in.  We got to meet him on Saturday.  He is 20 years old.  And actually the amazing thing is he is from our area.  When we began Auto Mission we worked with teen court in the DFW area.  It is amazing we never ran into him then.  But his family didn't utilize the teen court option.  He ended up in the juvenile jail for a few months before he went to TYC.  He has been 'locked' up for 4 years. 
We really didn't know what to expect when we met him because he was from a different unit.  We had heard a little about him from the house parents.  We both enjoyed our visit.  Cowboy talked to him for a long time will I helped the founder/house parent put their video on their website.  (that was cool)
She had told him (the youth) about me (she doesn't know about this blog) and how I write and publish the ministry blog.  He has no computer skills but he wants to write his story and so they have asked me to help him set up a blog! 

I ask you have you ever imagined using your blog or blogging skills for ministry?  I mean many of us write devotionals and we share what God is teaching us to each other.  But did you ever think of helping someone this way.  It just reminds me that it is possible to share Christ in more ways than we can imagine.  If we just step out of the box and open our hearts, open our minds and just let go and let God he can do amazing things through us. 

Before we went to Hope Inn Christ on Saturday morning we went to McFadden where we serve as chaplains and do lots of different programs and activities.  One activity we like to help with is the monthly birthday party.  I get to take pictures most of them I can't publish but I can give some to the kids. 
Here's a photo of Saturdays cake


I wanted to share the cake because Michael is going to Hope Inn Christ.  He will be 18 on the 19th and I already have a waiver signed so I can post his photo's after his birthday.  He is on my drama team and I have lots of photo's and I know that there will be lots more. 
I will get to see him (at least) every Wednesday because all the boys from Hope Inn Christ will come to our warehouse on Wednesday and help with our food pantry and backpack program. 

So those are a few of the 'outside' of the box's ways that I share Jesus.  Maybe they are ways you've never thought of.  And, maybe there are ways you share Jesus that I have never thought of. 
Leave your comments or write a post (come back and leave your link) about your Mission 4 Monday, or Tuesday or whatever day and share ideas. 

 For more info. about our ministry and a link to Hope Inn Christ click here.
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