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Scavenger Blog Hunt featuring Garrison's Law by Mary Connealy -Review/Giveaway

Welcome to the scavenger blog hunt and giveaway for the Garrison’s Law contemporary romantic suspense series by Mary Connealy, hosted by JustRead Tours!

At each stop, there will be:
-special content by the blogger, and
-a clue
Here is my clue

of justice

Keep track of these clues each day because you’ll need to enter the clues you’ve gathered that day in the Rafflecopter (a new entry each day for that day’s clues).

On the last day, the final piece of the scavenger hunt will be revealed in a puzzle on JustRead’s (and JustCommonly’s) blog.

Title: Loving the Texas Mystery Woman Series: Garrison's Law, Book 5 Author: Mary Connealy Release Date: January 2019 Genre: Gothic Romance
A woman wakes up in bed with a dead man and no memory—at all.
A stranger drags her away and offers her an alibi. The trouble is, if he’s her alibi, then she’s his. And he freely admits he’s got plenty of reasons to want his cousin Victor dead.
She learns her name is Lanny Cole. She’s living in a derelict old mansion they call The Devil’s Nest, with a whole family full of people who look capable of murder. Her amnesia is caused by an ugly blow to the head. Whoever hit her, killed Victor, then tucked her into bed with the now-dead Victor hoping she’d be arrested for murder.
She is forced to trust her rescuer, Devereau Grey, her alibi…who is more family with the Garrisons than with the Devereaus. In fact, through Grey’s connections, Case Garrison is the law on the mainland nearest the Devil’s Nest.
Grey has come home to tear open the corrupt heart of his family and find who’s stealing money from the Devereau Trust. His main suspect is dead and every member of his family has a motive for the murder and the theft, including himself, and Lanny Cole, who foolishly took a job with the Devereau family’s cold, manipulative matriarch.
And then another body turns up, and another. They need to get away, but a hurricane cuts off the island roads to a port that leads to violent seas.
Grey and Lanny are trapped in the Devil’s Nest. While they fight for their lives, family history comes to light that provides a motive for killing Lanny, and her research…if she could just remember it…might reveal the hiding place for a three-hundred-year old chest of pirate’s treasure.

And I thought
I was excited to be offered the chance to join this tour.
I became a fan of Mary Connealy when I was offered to read books from a Historical series last year.
I have enjoyed each of the books that I had read and this one was no exception.
Mystery and Suspense is my favorite kind of book to 
read especially if there is some romance and a message
and is a clean read.
The main characters Grey and Lanny pulled me into the story.  They captured my interest and didn't let go!
There is lots of suspense between these pages that will keep you on the edge of your seat an turning the pages.
I will be reading the other books on the tour as soon as I get the chance.

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.
I received a complimentary copy


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