Monday, July 16, 2018

Menu Monday-Why I Plan My Weeks Menu

I hope your week has started out Beautiful!  I wanted to start this 
post by sharing a sweet Zinnia from my garden.  Speaking of the 
garden the Zinnia's are the main focal point now.  Everything else is suffering from the heat.  But if I keep thiese little guys watered they are giving me lots and lots of Beautiful Sweet blooms!
I went back to planning a menu this week so I thought I would
share my plans with you. 

Burgers with Guacamole (grilled inside in a grill pan that I am loving)
French Fries a simple yummy meal 
Watermelon just yummy

Tuna Casserole 
Brocolli Salad and more Watermelon

Chicken Thighs (found on sale) need a recipe

Fajita's, Spainish Rice and Beans

Probably left over Chicken Thighs

The last few weeks have been busy and I've been trying to 
clean out the freezers so I haven't planned anything.  Just 
going with whatever I could pull together. 
But winging it doesn't work for me.  Never has.  I just seem to get 
frazzled and frustrated and then the meals turn out less than special.
Do you plan your weekly meals?
I try to make our evening meals yummy and as nutritious as I can.
And I try hard to be frugal with my spending.  Buying on sale etc. 
Sometimes it is an uphill battle. 

For me menu planning really helps me cut down on forgetting leftovers and ending up with science experiments in the 'fridge. 
I am not good at labeling food especially in the freezer.  I am always pulling something out early in the day to thaw for dinner
and have a meal of who knows what because I couldn't tell what 
it was till it thawed. 
I wonder to myself why since it is only the two of us it is such a hard thing to do.  Actually I know why.  I am busy.  Over worked. 
And so I have to choose small things 
like menu planning to get me through the week
Planning a menu may sometimes
seem daunting to me.
But in the end I feel accomplished when I don't have leftovers to throw away.
Do you plan your menu for the week?
I'll be linking at a few parties today like 

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Have a Great Week!
Just had to add this in my mind I was thinkg Grrreat Week.
I love Tony the Tiger
Do you?

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