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I Read A Good Book The Other Day-Author Interview with Debra E. Martin

I read this book the other day. This is one I think you'll enjoy.
I got a chance to interview the author too . . . 

Hello Debra and welcome to the blog.  I was delighted to have the chance to chat about The Clobbered Cad.

Thank you. I enjoy talking about the book. I had so much fun writing it.

Is this your first blog tour? Not really but nearly. I booked two blog tours and they ended up overlapping in October. I feel like a vaudeville star hitting the stage in a new town every night!  It's kept me on my toes and I've really enjoyed it.

I love the tours.  I especially like the chance to do these interviews with the authors. Great! I actually enjoy interviews because I don't have to think too hard. Sometimes guest posting is a lot of work. (I have to sound clever and interesting!)

Can you tell me what interests you in doing a blog tour? Self-interest, of course! I get to meet new people and show off my book. The whole idea is to hopefully gain new readers. I mean anyone can publish a book, but promotion has become half the job. Without book bloggers we'd all be sunk!  I've poked around many of the blogs I'm now visiting and it's fun to be waving from the inside.

I wish you the best with the tour for The Clobbered Cad.  It certainly is an interesting title.  Can you explain the title for the readers?  Well, multiple factors at work. First of all, we chose titles that hinted at the old "girl detective" titles, and second, I love alliterative titles, but I wanted readers to expect just a tiny bit of 'camp' in the story. Thankfully my victim was a cad and, yet, he got clobbered.

How did you decided on the era for this series? The publisher and my author friend, Lisa Karon Richardson (Who proposed the idea and is the author of Book #1 The Counterfeit Clue, wanted an era that would parallel the decades when 'girl detective' novels were really big. We settled on the post war era, and I _could_ say I remember the fifties. Okay, at least the sixties, so this era doesn't feel so far removed for age!

Scotland was a fun locale for Heather.  I was wondering what other places she has visited?  Scotland was Heather's first trip across the ocean, but her family did a cross-country tour when she was a teen. Classic Americana!  Next, she'll be visiting Ireland and I believe there's a charming Irishman--and a murder--in her future.

Is Scotland a place you've lived or visited or did you have to do some research about the area for the book? I actually had this book partially plotted when I made a spontaneous decision to go to Scotland. So it became a perfect opportunity to change the setting and dig into the history and archaeology departments. That's when I discovered the perfect murder weapon.

During your research did you get a  chance to sample any Scottish whisky? The day my friend and I visited Edinburgh Castle, there was a free whisky tasting. We tried a cream whisky. (I expect they do this all the time, but it felt like a real treat!) There's certainly a lot to learn about the whole process and Scotland would be the place to do it.

I enjoy reading Cozy Mystery's.  Do you feel like the book/series could fit into other categories or genres?  With some added emphasis, it could have more romance, and because of the age of the heroine and her innocence, it's appropriate for YA as well. Even as is, The Clobbered Cad doesn't fit perfectly into a cozy genre as we know it now. I studied classic mysteries and other amateur sleuth stories as well as Nancy Drews and Trixie Beldens. (Such hard work--ha ha!)

Can you tell us which retail sites the book is available.  I am curious is there a specific store or site that doesn't have the book that you love for your books to be available?  We started out with the books on more markets but now, I believe, they are just on Amazon. This was a matter of bottom line and streamlining for the publisher. Of course, I'd love to see it on the shelf of a bookstore, but that's very difficult for any small publisher to achieve.

This was a delightful visit.  Thank you for taking the time to chat. 
Thank you Sherry! I enjoyed your questions and I appreciate your willingness to host me and review my book. I look forward to chatting with your readers. and hope they enter the giveaway. Thanks also to Lori of Great Escapes!

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