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A Photo and Story Part 1 and Part 2 God Provides. In God's Timing

AY, APRIL 6, 2016

A Photo And Story...And a surprise. . . 

I originally wrote the below post to share at Wit and Wisdom hosted over at Senior Adventures.  Sadly that party isn't
around anymore.  I have been missing it along with Warm Heart Wednesdays originally hosted by Jenny Matlock.
So to honor these two parties which I miss and I am sure others do as well.  
I am announcing the beginning of 
Stories That Warm My Heart 
The party will begin tomorrow and will run all week.  Feel free to link posts/stories that Warm Your Heart. See the post tomorrow for a few rules and details.  

And now here is the story that Warmed My Heart and inspired the party . . .                 
 Originally posted in 2016. Update 2017 in blue. . .                   T:
Once upon a time a young boy looked at a white fence surrounding an arena filled with sand.  He sat on the fence watching as the tractor moved around loosening the sand just right to provide the perfect footing.  The sand had to be soft not firmly packed.  Slightly deep.

The boy watched and dreamed of one day being the one riding the tractor getting the arena ready for the rider.  

It wasn't his only dream.  He had much bigger dreams than sitting on the tractor.  He dreamed one day he would ride a horse.  Not just any horse and not just any kind of riding.  

He dreamed one day he would train a reining horse.  He dreamed of going to a futurity.  (a special competition for young horses)

So he got off that fence and he began to work.  He worked hard.  
He mucked stalls and filled a truck with horse manure and hauled it away.  Everyday after school he went to the barn and cleaned up. 

Everyday he watched other teenagers riding horses while he cleaned the stalls.

He built a library of books and magazines with information about reining and breeding.  And he studied.  Soaking in the knowledge that he hoped he would someday be able to use.  

He made it to that futurity with his horse. (which he had bred and trained himself)  He worked hard with that little filly.  They were constant companions.  

And then one day his eye wandered.  He noticed a filly of another 'sort'.  She captured his eye and his heart.    And then his dreams began to change.   

He never forgot his first love.  Even  though he began to chase two legged youngsters.  He never forgot his dream of  sittin' on that tractor. 

And then many years later.  It happened.  It wan't expected.  
Someone remembered that young man and the horse he rode in that futurity.  

The opportunity presented itself.  And now he's sittin' on that 
tractor.  Makin' that dirt just right.  

       And now his little girl is walkin' in that dirt and dreamin'.  
                           (photo taken by that filly that stole his heart)  update 2017...the horse that he planned and bred and took to that futurity he lost for awhile.  10 years later.  This past fall he found his horse.  That two legged filly that caught his eye managed to find his horse.    It was a 'God' thing.  And 'she' came home . . . 

This photo taken the day Speck stepped off the trailer when she came home.  
The first ride minutes after stepping off the trailer . . . 
When Speck came home last fall.  i wrote a post.  i had forgotten i had written the post in 2016 for Warm Heart Wednesday and Wit and Wisdom share a photo and a story.  I ran across that post a few days ago and thought it fitting to finish the story.  
But the story doesn't end here with Speck home and part of the family. The story continues.  A few months ago our son was able to breed Speck.  Because she had been to the futurity 10 years ago  he was able to get a breeding from a very good horse at a very good deal.  
And so next spring the plan that he had all those years ago will be fulfilled in God's timing. 

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