Sunday, November 9, 2014

Have a Good Week--the weird random post . . .

Bear with me this might seem like a weird random post. Still having trouble with our computer. I am on the office computer. It keeps moving my photo's around. Grrrr! So this post might turn out a little random. For some reason I can't see the photo's. And to move text around the photo's I have to go into the html. So I can't even see the spaces. Sorry. I hope you enjoy my attempt. Have a Great week.

Wishing you a beautiful week.  Are you making Thanksgiving plans?

We have plans for a meal on Thanksgiving Day.  But not a lot of
traditional Fall decorating.

I am off that week and I'll be doing some of this.  And a little of this . . .

We'll be dragging out more lights.  I'm planning on doing this with Daisy.  Hopefully I'll get to share the pics this year!

So seriously.  Writing and publishing a complete post just isn't in the cards for me.  I am the office.  Using google images.  This computer just keeps moving the photo's.  I cannot figure it out.  There where I put them.  Then magically the move around.
I hope this post makes sense. 
Thank you for coming by.  I am visiting all my favorite blogs.  I don't get to make very many comments but know that I am there lurking!

The Cowby has been working on the newer computer trying to fix it.  I got a bug when we were downloading videos for Church of all things. careful with youtube.  We had anti virus but we still got a problem.

So I give up for tonight. I think you got the 'jest' of what I was trying to say. Maybe I'll get home and the Cowboy will have the computer fixed. Say a little prayer for me will you?


Catherine said...

Good luck with all the tasks you have planned. I hope the computer gets running.
Have a nice week. Blessings, Catherine

Down On The Farm said...

Sometimes my computer doesn't cooperate with me either lol! Blessings from Missouri!

Ida said...

Computer problems or blogger problems are not fun. Hope you get the kinks worked out.

Michelle said...

Hi, Sherry!

We have plans to go to Ryan's for Thanksgiving.
I will be fixing a traditional meal for Christmas, with lots of trimmings.

Pray you get your computer fixed real soon.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Too bad about your computer problems. I luck out because my oldest son is an IT specialist so he just comes over and fixes things in a split second!!

I will be linking up to your Holiday party next week. I did not forget about it!! LOL!
I am off Thanksgiving Eve this year so we will eat around 2pm so i can lay down before i go to work on Thanksgiving Night. It will be the 5 of us as it is for every Holiday......

I am glad to be back to blogging but on my terms...

Thanks again for stopping by!!