Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging On A Tablet Part 2

Hello is is my second post on the new tablt.  I am liking it a little better.  The keypad is wrking now.
There is definately a learning curve changing from a  laptop to a tablet.

I normally feel like I am petty computer savy but this is really a  very new one for me.

The Cowboy is not real patient with me. He is better at learning new things than I am.

The good news is this post is going much faster with the keyboard working.   Except I am used to typing like you would on a typewriter or keyboard.  I am not confident with it yet so I am  using two fingers.  I eel dumb.  But I sm getting pretty fast. LOL

I am going to get real brave now LOL and try to add a link. Have  you visited Sally today for Blue Monday?   ..not  sure how to do this.  Click here.  Looks like it worked! Yea me. 

I guess to put in pics from other sources you will have to use prompts  or commands which I do not know I will have to do some tutorials.

 i hope you are having a great day.     Maybe my next post will have photos!

C u soon!

 Have a good week!

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