Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Monday --Nanosecond

Nanosecond . . .I like that word.  Nanosecond.  It is fun to spell . . . (I guess I spelled it right. LOL)
It is fun to say.  It is fun to put into a sentence like . . .
In a nanosecond. 

I want a vacation.  So I was thinking that maybe I would just take one today. 

In a nanosecond maybe I could be . . .
 Great idea but a little toooo close to home.  I mean seriously we're talking a Nanosecond vacation! 

  Now this is cool!  Texas to Brussels in a Nanosecond! That's more like it. 

  Then maybe a stop here where I could look out this beautiful window at . . .
  awwww. . . Venice that's a dream vacation!

Or maybe

   BTW are you noticing a theme here?

Dawng I just thought of a problem. 

I probably wouldn't have much time for sight seeing on a nanosecond vacation.  I couldn't see these . . .


So.  I'll just stay home for now and just go on over to Sally's for Blue Monday instead! 

Happy Blue Monday

Come back next week.  I am sharing something I made.  And it is Blue!

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Bondi, Australia
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