Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh Happy Day

This morning I am especially Thankful because I am here writing for you. 
I have to apologize no photo's this morning but soon.  I'll be back to regular posting.
My Thankful list last Thursday included my thanks for my new job.  Which is where I am now!  I arrived a little early and realized I had time at least to write a few lines. 
I am very happy with this little job.  I work Tues. and Thurs. 9-3:00.  I'll work a little more in a few weeks when my boss goes on a cruise.  But for now this is great! And I get to use the inter-net.
Our weekend was great.  I mentioned I was thankful for my daughters birthday.  There was a surprise party on Sat. the teenagers she works with planned it all.  She teaches horse back riding at a childrens home. 
On Sat. after church she came to our house and we took her to a little resturant on the lake.  We aren't lake or boating people so it was fun watching the boats come in.
My grandson who is almost 4 said the funniest thing.  He was looking at this young woman and leaned over and whispered to his momma..."Why is the lady in her underwear?"  We all cracked up.  She had to shush him really quickly and explained that she was wearing a swimming suit!  We fed ducks and fed ourselves.
It was a beautiful day. 
My daughter later posted on fb that it was the best birthday ever.  I think that was because of the horse! 
Actually I am sure it was. 
I'll post photo's and the story behind the horse that God gave her.
I have to get to work now.
But I just wanted to share my Happy Day with you!
Is your day starting out Happy?
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