Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Waiting and Trusting

We are back to looking again for a house. I know that God has a plan. Right now we are waiting on him and trusting. I know that all things do work together for good.
I also know that we need a hedge of protection around us and the ministry right now because everywhere we turn a door slams shut on us.

On some level I know that we are being tested. I am not sure why.

I am having diffculty this morning focusing because things with our mentee's in Houston are just absolutely crazing. I have been on the phone off and all day and night yesterday and now this morning. I cannot share all the details and even if I could it is so confusing that I don't know that I could write it all down.
I teasingly told M. that I need to write it all down and sell it to Lifetime or Hallmark or someplace. Jokingly we began to cast all the players.

I will end this somewhat weird post by saying that M. suggested that they cast Jennifer Lopez in my part. If I could really look like her. Wow.

Please pray for us.

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