Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Over at 5 minutes for mom they have this fun thing called Tackle it Tuesday.
Everyone chooses a job they need to handle and work on it tackling it and I am hope full I'll get it done!

This is what our truck looks like when we leave the Food Bank. Each week we have to take all this and sort it out then, inventory, and sack it up to distribute to teenagers that are on parole in our area.

Today my project is to write a grant to the Food Bank. They are offering $5,000.00 in 5 different categories to agencies like us. I have been directed by my contact that we fall into two different categories and to write two different grant requests. This is a huge opportunity for us. Each month we spend approximately $500.00 for this project alone.

Currently we provide food for 20 families each week. This grant would allow us to increase that amount. Currently there are almost 200 kids on parole in our area. One of the categories for the grant is for agencies that have unique programs. No other agency specifically targets teenagers. So we feel pretty good about this opportunity. Since this program started in Jan. we have already met 3 different teens that were homeless.

So with God's help I am tackling this Tuesday task and I am praying that God will supply all our needs to meet the needs of our kids.

Have a Great day tackling your Tuesday projects!
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