Monday, February 19, 2024

Menu Monday


Late mostly non photo post but I wanted to make an attempt. 

The above photo was my dinner plate on Sunday night.  

I had breakfast for dinner with Eggs I bought in Sunday School at church! Forgot them at store.

God provides!

Spent till noon writing fb posts then the internet went South. 

I did go out to eat with a friend then to grocery store. 

Bought chicken breasts on sale. Intended to get a deli rotisserie Chicken but could not find them. 

Meals I want to cook ...

Tortilla Soup but could not find Tortillas 

Beef Stew got all ingredients. 

Tuna Casserole 

Each will makc left overs. 

Tried to order food for delivery. 

Not sure it will work.  My card was declined because it might be fraud. 

It was not.  But bank closed today so can not fix.  

Challenges.  I am finding where I live may be too remote. 

But the dogs and I love it. 

I will make it work. 

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Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We picked up groceries in a bigger town due to having to go to the hardware store, and I was shocked at how empty the shelves were. Their tea selection was so small and empty too. I hope you get the bank card thing figured out.