Friday, February 3, 2023

Blog 365 #36 The Rustic Dinner Plate Flashback

 Doing a little  Flashback of the 

I love cooking good and nutritious meals. 

I love making our dinner plates festive and pretty.  And sometimes Rustic.  That's  our thing. 

Lights just make things festive.  This was a fun Cold Charcuterie  Tray I made with Veg, Chicken Salad, Salami and Cheese.  I made a dropping  sauce.  The ingredients  I used a littled up on the edge of my little  work space. 

And here's that Rustic plate with one of his favorites Ribs! This was from a couple years ago when I had a hard time cooking enough.  He was always ravenous!

I miss Salads.  He is rarely in the mood.  Occasionally I make individual  Lasagna's

Oh I miss these plates and this Cold Appitizer Plate.  No Aldi on the island.  Hard to find Tuna. 

Poached Eggs for the dogs.  They love breakfast. 

I got out my vintage table runner to brighten my day.   A  Salad luncheon.  

The doctor urges Him to eat red meat for the iron.  

It really takes no arm twising!

Cooked to perfection

Today I will be using the Crock Pot to cook a Roast for dinner. 

Lately I have been really tired.  The Cowboy  has been sick again. 

The cold weather jlmakes me tired.  And walking the dogs when they decide they just want to enjoy the scenery instead of what we are outside to do! 
I can't  complain it is a gorgeous view! 

It's  Friday

Enjoy your weekend 


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