Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayer Request

Prayer Request Dear Friends Please Pray

I am asking you to please pray for me and Cowboy tonight, tomorrow and over the next few days. We are at a bit of a cross roads and need to make decisions about:

Where we will live, where Cowboy will work and the biggest decision if I should work.

The last few years (2 to be exact) have been a huge struggle for us. In August of 2010 we were homeless. In September we were offered an Apartment Ministry position which seemed like an answer to prayer and a door opening. We took the position which included free rent. In December our supervisor was fired. And in February our position was terminated.

Within only a few days we were offered a position at a boys home. We thought then. This is it. God’s sending us here. We gratefully accepted the position and began Praising God. We moved the end of February. It was a difficult time for us because we couldn’t get inter-net and Cowboy had to drive way too far to get to work. Gas was eating up every penny he was making. Cowboy did find another job much closer. But, then by April we were so disappointed in the position and what was happening with how the program was being run that we knew we could not stay.

By May we had turned in our resignation and were asked to leave in 2 weeks. It wasn’t until June that we were finally able to move into our current home.

Which turned out to be a cute little bungalow on the lake. (well at the end of the street) Although it is the smallest place we have ever lived we managed to ‘fit in’ the small space.

This little apartment was at the top of our budget. And were it not from donations to our ministry we wouldn’t have managed to pay rent and utilities. Remember last summer. The electric killed us! (It stays warm even now we have not turned on the heater at all)

All this time I have been looking for a job.

Very shortly after moving into this small space we began to notice bugs. Everyday we began seeing more and more bugs. We began asking for the owner to exterminate.

Well long story short. Even though they have finally had a professional come and begin a program it is too little too late. They have been here twice. Bugs still crawl across the counter even when I am cooking. I won’t share more detail. I am sure you really don’t want to hear more!

We have been looking for a new place for a few months.

Here’s where the prayer comes in . . .

Today we found an apartment that we will look at tomorrow. Our criteria was something less than $500.00 a month. What we found is less than $400.00 with washer/dryer and inter-net included. Hello. Did you hear that? Inter-net! Yea.

And, today I received 2 job offers. One is pretty certain it is a part-time gig at the company my husband works at. Basically filling in for other personal. Just enough hours.

The other is the one I really want. Call me crazy but it is managing a Non-profit Resale Shop. This is my heart.

The draw back. The new apartment is 22 miles round trip to both jobs.

The positive is the apartment is minutes from our daughter. And a short distance to the detention center where we minister currently 2 times a week.

So, over the next few days we have to make decisions on housing and on jobs.

We want to be in God’s will. I am afraid and I talked to God about this that Satan is tempting me with these job opportunities. That a job is what “I” want not what God has planned for me.

This apartment sounds just so perfect.

So, dear sweet friends, would you pray for us. Please pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment. And show us where he wants us to live. Help us to see His provision.

And to know his plan for how that will happen according to His will and purposes.

I am just so excited but yet worried and confused.

Will you pray for me?

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