Friday, January 6, 2012

Saturday Sleepover

 I had this idea.  I have all these sweet bloggy friends.  And I just love visiting them.  I thought that you might like to also. 

So I decided to pack up a few things . . .

And take a drive along the coast.  And maybe stop over for a night or two.  Wanna come along? 

Since this is a virtual sleepover.  You don't really have to pack.  You don't really have to even change clothes.  Just come along and meet some of my favorite friends.   

Starting tomorrow I'll be visiting a Sweet Cottage in Northern California. Oh but btw since this is a sleepover we will be staying up really, really late.  And sleeping in.  So don't expect my post before noon.  Or later; depending on how good breakfast is and how much shopping we do!

Gotta run and get Daisy all packed and ready to go and visit her friends!

See ya on the Journey  . . .

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