Monday, January 10, 2011

Embracing My Calling # ? . . .

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I began writing during the last summer I think it was about God's calling on my life with intentions to write more frequent posts but as you can see since I don't even remember what post # this is that means it has been too long since I picked up the story. 

Today the Lord is leading me to share a new part of my story.  So basically it dosen't matter where I left off.  When I get a chance I'll go back and add the links so you can read the other posts. 

Today what I wanted to share is what God has been telling me and Cowboy over the last few days. 

I hope that if your thinking about following God's calling into possible service to Him or even if your just really wondering about what path to go down that maybe something I share here will help you. 

You see for the last year we have struggled with direction about something very specific.  We have struggled with if we should do the Lord's supper during our chapel services.   Almost 2 years ago we spoke with our pastor about baptism and The Lord's Supper.  His direction (and that of our church) is that it should not be done at the prison facility.  That both ordinances should be only done in a church by an ordained pastor.  And, our church will not ordain Cowboy.  Some background info. we are the only chaplains(volunteer) at a prison unit for boys 13-18.  We provide weekly chapel services and other programs. 
The Lord has really placed a burden on Cowboys heart about the subject of The Lord's Supper. 

Recently we had lunch with a friend that is the pastor of another church.  This church designates themselves as non-denominational with Baptist roots.  This pastor has been a friend, encourager, prayer warrior and support to us for over 20 years.  We discussed the subject of the Lord's Supper at the prison.  His opinion about the subject.  Do the Lord's Supper.  And he offered for the boys to be Baptised at his church.

After really praying about it Cowboy felt God's leading for us have The Lord's Supper on Sunday. 
He did an amazing job of explaining to the boy's the background of the Passover.  He also shared with them about how it can become more of a ritual than a true worship experience.  He shared straight from the Bible. 
In our denomination we had experienced that when the service is over as the Bible says 'they sang a hymn and departed'.  But what we have experienced is everyone is expected to be somber and quiet almost as if they were leaving a funeral service.

But what God told Cowboy is that this isn't a funeral service.  The Bible doesn't really expond upon it but Cowboy's interpretation was they "sang a song".  And so after we finished.  We sang.  And sang. And sang.  Our service Sunday was Blessed.   The boys hearts were open to God.  And they sang and worshiped. 

Sometimes we have struggled in understanding God's direction.  Sometimes we know we have made mistakes in the last 7 years. 
And there have been times that we have listened to direction and taken advice that may not have lead us down the path that God had laid out for us. 

This month our ministry is 7 years old.  And this month we are dedicating ourselves to being open to God's direction and to be more intent on Walking with Him, not jumping ahead nor lagging behind. 

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us, establish the work of our hands.  Yes, Lord establish the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

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