Monday, September 27, 2010

A Walk for Sunshine Review/Monday 4 Mission

I don't normally combine Book Reviews with my regular posts but today I felt like this book just fits into Mission Monday.

The book is about the author Jeff Alt's amazing story. It is a biography that chornicles his amazing 2,160 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail to raise money for Sunshine Home. I was amazed and impressed.

Normally I am not much of a fan of biography's but A Walk for Sunshine captivated me from page one to two hundred ninty seven! The author shares his ups and downs while making the long hike from Georgia to Maine. The first couple of chapters gives the reader an overview of the authors strategic planning, fundraising for the walk and a little background about why he would spend an estimated six months on the trail.

As a lover of the outdoors and nature I was fascinated and captivated by the story. And I learned as fascinating as this adventure was I realized that I would rather read about it than sleep in a hikers shelter in the middle of the mountains with field mice sharing the nights lodge. I must add here ...ick!

The author shares at the end of the boo a few pages of more information including his: gear list, info. for parents wanting to hike with children and suggested reading about adventure hiking.

I enjoyed Chapter 36. In this chapter the author shares a little more with the reader about how to do a fundraiser.

The post script included information about Cerebral Palsay and info. about The Sunshine Home in Maumee Ohio.

I was impressed with the authors dedication and with his commitment in doing something so noble to help this wonderful home.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone from nature enthusiast to the CEO. My Cowboy read a few chapters and really enjoyed it. It is both informational and humerous.

Ten years after his amazing hike Jef Alt continues as an avid hiker and has written other books about his adventures. He is the host of the annual Walk-With-Sunshine a fundraiser inspired by his original Appalachian Trail Journey. For more information about the offer and to purchase the book click here.

This book is also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders.
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