Wednesday, February 24, 2010

May I Share My Friend

I have met some really cool people since I began blogging. There have been many times when I have written thankful posts that I have mentioned how thankful I am for new friends.

I have met some wonderful Women of Faith and I thank God for them. I thank God for the way he uses them to encourage me. And I am sure many others are encouraged as well.

Today I want to share my 'little sis' Alicia with you.

Today she wrote a wonderful Wordfilled Wednesday post. Her post was about one of my family verses. A verse in Deuteronomy that gives instruction to parents.

Here's part of what Alicia said . . .
"I love this picture that my sweet friend, Beth, took this picture of us. It captures the spirit of our family. We're close knit. We're always together. We're always talking. We're always having fun. But our life isn't all about fun and games.
It's also about teaching. It is our heart's desire that our son grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord. But that doesn't just magically happen. It requires intentional thought and training (and yes, lots of prayer). "

Alicia shares great wisdom and even some suggestions to help other young parents teach thier children about God. I know you'll definately enjoy your visit and I just bet you'll find a new friend. And BTW please let Alicia know I sent you!

May your Thursday be Blessed

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