Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love & War Book Review

You will be drawn in when you read the introduction. I was enthralled by each chapter of this book. I have not read anything by John or Stasi before but I found Love and War to be easy to read.

It's pages are filled with wisdom and filled with openness. You are grabbed by the first few pages.
Honestly when I was asked to read this book I considered declining. I was thinking 'What another book about marriage?' I mean how many books old and new are out there on the aisles of the Christian book stores?

I was truly surprised. I expected another self help kind of book. Or something written by some doctor that I would have a hard time reading. I found honesty and personal stories that brought each topic into my reality.
Each chapter is divided into subtopics. I loved the almost back to back topics of 'Our little Quirks' and 'Speculation'. I struggle with both of these topics. The Eldredge's leave the reader with the feeling they are not alone. Every couple struggles with the same things. They take you to scripture to follow up their teaching and the wisdom they share. I enjoyed these two topics but I really still don't know why men rinse the dish out and leave it on the counter or in the sink?

I would highly recommend this book. In fact I am struggling with keeping it or giving it away here on my blog. It is the type of book that you will go back to and read again. It would make a great gift book. And I think even though most about to be married couples wouldn't think they would need it I think it would make a great wedding gift given by the right person. I know my kids would have greatly benefited from this book and they would have gladly accepted it from me.

This book is offered on-line here
I want to thank WaterBrook Multnomah for offering this book for review.

And, I want to apologize for my post being late. I spent most of last week working on a new blog and adding pages to this blog to separate the different topics that I write about. And, after hours of work something went wrong somewhere and I lost all my changes. You gotta love it!

May your Marriage be Blessed. Happy reading and happy blogging.
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