Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I wanted to share my Thankful list in photo's. I hope you enjoy.

First this photo represents a couple of things.
1 I am thankful that my church is considering letting me teach sewing there for my girls in the halfway house. This is an old photo showing a couple of girls from the past with a donation quilt that we raffled. And our cat. He lived at Mission Makeover. You can go here to see some more photo's.
2. I am thankful that I have been able to spend a lot of time this week getting my sewing room ready to move (switching a bunch of rooms in the house) and I will be joining a new group I found called Sewin' Friday Night. I'll be posting photo's Saturday.

The next two photo's depicts my other three items.

This is my grandson. He went to pre-school this week. We got to go over and take photo's.
#3. It is bittersweet but his starting school brought a lot of changes. It frees up my schedule alot. It is good for him. I still keep him on Mondays though.

And #4 Going to preschool changes my daughters schedule. She won't be working as much. Because he has to be picked up by 3 a couple of days a week she will get off work when she picks him. This is such a huge blessing for them. She works way too many hours. My son in love just got a new job so this helps a lot.
And lastly #5 See the little garage behind them in the photo? I am glad they have a little house in our little town. Took us 10 minutes to drive there on Tuesday morning to take these photo's. This house is a huge blessing to them and us.
And I'll end this post with a prayer request. Their lease is up in May. The landlord wants to sell the house. He will offer them an owner finance. The prayer is that he will give them another 6 months or year renting.
Thanks for visiting and thanks for praying for my family. Please go over at visit Sonya for more Thankful post.

Oh can I add one more? Please pretty please?
#6 The sun is shinning!

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