Monday, January 4, 2010

Lingering on Simple Things

Today I am joining Peggy at Simple Woman again. I did this a couple of times in '09. And well it seemed right to do it today. So sit down grab a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Or in my case a Dr. Pepper and join me as I plan my week and ponder my day.

FOR TODAY the first real post of 2010

Outside my window ... Deception. Yes you read right. The sun is beautiful and shinning brightly. But it is really cold for Texas. So yes it is deceiving

I am thinking... I enjoyed the weekend. Which was spent in my sewing room.

I am thankful for... God's provision and that bills are paid again. Including cable which includes internet.

I am wearing... Really old stirups pants from Lerner's NY (are they still around?), silk long johns and a worn out long sleeve knit top with socks of course. I told it is cold here!

I am remembering... To be patient and that through trials that I am growing. At least trying to remember this.

I am currently reading... Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris. My next book review. Watch for the review on this one.

I am hoping... My dreams and goals match up with God's. (See my post yesterday) I am really hoping that our ministry gets to start doing sewing again with the halfway house girls this year.

On my mind... I am thinking and praying about totally rearranging the house. Moving our big t.v. to my sewing room, moving Cowboy's room (which is the gameroom) to the sewing room too. Moving my sewing room to Cowboy's room. Why? Combining the t.v. and gameroom to one room so that the living room is more formal. Or as formal as Cowboy Chic can be. Stay tuned. Gotta convince the Cowboy.

Noticing that... How God really is in control.

Pondering these words... Grace

From the kitchen... Yummy taco's tonight. Ham and beans tomorrow. I cooked a ham yesterday I love making beans with the leftovers.

Around the house... Christmas decorations waiting to come down and snowy decorations for January. Table waiting to be set.

One of my favorite things...Quilting

From my picture journal...
A dream photo. I would love to do this.
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