Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Book Review

If I could give this sweet little Bible 5 crowns I would but I will have to stick with stars. It has my vote. I cannot wait till my granddaughter is old enough to enjoy it. If you have a little girl this is definitely a great beginner Bible. I think it would be a great read along Bible for a preschooler. Included are activities that reinforce God's promises. Here's an example:

Can you think of anyone in your life who does not know Jesus? Ask your mom to write their names on a note card. Pray for each person every night of the week. Ask Jesus to help those people come to know him. Ask him to change their hearts and add them to his kingdom.

There are memory verses and amazing devotionals. Like this one following Matthew 7

Teachable Hearts

You've finished cleaning your room so you can play outside. You tell your mom, but she thinks you have more work to do. She begins to point out more things that need to be put away. You:

A. Listen patiently, and clean the rest of the room. B. Wait until she leaves, and stuff it all under the bed. C. Argue with her, telling her she is wrong and the room is clean. D. Start crying because you want to go outside right now.

I enjoyed reading this Princess Bible. I know that you will be pleased to give it to your little Princess and you will enjoy reading it with her. Did I mention the lovely pictures and illustrations? The pages are all different and colorful and look like scrapbook paper. I know that your little Princess will enjoy it even before she learns to read.

You can go to Amazon and purchase today. Why not begin your Christmas shopping early?

Thanks for coming by today dear friends. I hope you enjoyed my first Book Review. I'll be reviewing a new book next week.

Have a Blessed Journey

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