Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday 4 Missions

Today I have a little different kind of post about missions. Peggy reminds us that God calls us to serve. And for weeks now we have all been sharing about different ministries. And some people have shared with us ideas about different projects that we can search out in our own homes to participate in. Denise has shared some great thoughts and suggestions and many others have written some wonderful posts. I am honored to be a part of Monday 4 Missions.

Today the mission I share with you is a personal one God has placed on my heart. My mission is to minsiter to a young mother. My friend Lisa is spending the next year as a single mom. Her devoted husband left last week for a year long deployment in Irag. We met them a few years ago at church. They became good friends and supporters of our ministry. Stan and thier son came and volunteered on Thursday nights. Stan and my Cowboy and the other volunteers taught auto mechanics to the boys.

On Thursdays I didn't have a girls program. I used that night to prepare for my Friday program. Thier son would come and help me set up the scissors and pins and fabric kits. We would always prepare dinner for the boys and set the dining room table. I never will forget the first night they were with us when we sat down to eat. My Cowboy asked for a volunteer to pray and Stan's son raised his hand before anyone else could. He was in first grade at the time. He said a prayer that would knock your socks off. All the boys sitting around that table were amazed. I was amazed that a child that young could minister to these "tough" kids. That group of boys that night were softened, thier hearts were touched.

Stan and his wife Lisa were the directors of our Sunday School class they worked hard to always share with our class about what was going on with the ministry and help us recruit volunteers and support.

We miss this amazing family. And I know how much Lisa misses her husband. I know how much thier son misses his dad.

My mission is to send a 'snail mail' and an uplifting and encouraging email each Monday to Lisa. As I think about Monday 4 Missions and write a post about our ministry I'll think of Lisa and I'll think of Stan and the service he is doing for our country.

Do you know someone that is in the military. Do you know of a wife that is holding down the

fort at home while her man is away? Have you prayed about serving God but didn't know how?

Maybe a simple card or email would brighten a young wife's day.

Our friend Lisa came for a visit this past weekend. We got to have lunch on Friday here's a photo.

Before you go please run over here and read my ministry post.
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