Saturday, November 7, 2020

Foodie Friday

 Welcome.  Wanna see what's on the Rustic Dinner Plate?

We had a great lunch using the last of the new Bread we tried.  This one was Unbleached Flour and Wheat. It was o.k. I liked the Spinach/Mozzarella better.

Sorry my photos load out of order.  The Cowboy made his Eggs the other day.  He likes to dip his Bacon in the Yolk. 
Cleaning out the fridge/freezer.  I had some frozen Ravioli.  I like the more expensive from the fridge section.  I made Alfredo and cooked Chicken Breasts in the grill pan. 
I don't always have a Tomato for my Salad.  Almost Olive Garden. It was so good. Aldi has Olive Garden Dressing.

The last of the cheap frozen Biscuits.
It was a Chicken week. I made with frozen Noodles that were super cheap.  The Cowboy really liked it.  He had it several times.
My plates are definitely Rustic.  At least my Chicken Nachos are.  They taste much better than they look!   This time I put Refried Beans on them.  Didn't know what we were missing!

O.J. ready.  At least the Cowboy will drink a half a glass now.
Ready to wrap . . .
The Cowboy loves his Tortilla's!

The Chicken Soup, Grilled Bratwurst, Avacado Tomato Salad and Zuchinni Muffins.

On Monday the Cowboy asked me to go get him Menudo.  
I got myself this massive breakfast Burrito!  Honestly I like Sonic's better.

The last of the Pancake 🥞
  It's really good but unaffordable for our budget.

Sometimes the Cowboy has odd combinations.  I planned the Grilled Bratwurst, Pasta Salad, Fried Potatoes and Mustard Greens.  
I liked the Pasta Salad much better with the Avacado.

Here's the Cowboy's odd addition.  We had Pizza for lunch he wanted  the last piece with his dinner.
I seek to please.  Bratwurst and Eggs?
Tuna Salad for lunch.
Gumbo, Tuna, Pasta Salad and fancy Crackers this was a simple yummy meal!
Even though the Pasta Salad and Gumbo were both really good I am kind of tired of both!  Since our garage freezer 'bit the dust' we don't have room to freeze leftovers.
The Cowboy doesn't care though.  We have one more small bowl of Gumbo he's still planning to eat!

How did your week go?
Was your dinner plate with yumminess?

Thanks for visiting.
See you next time!

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