Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Job . . . A New Journey Begins

Yes after a little over a year of job interviews.  Frustration and heartache I now have a new job. 
How To Impress Your Interviewers On Your First Job Interview

The first few weeks were a struggle. I began working at a Christian pre-school as an assistant teacher. 

My heart has always been in teaching.  And when a position became available at a Christian school that offers paid training I joined the team and took the only available job. 

For the new classroom in children's department.

 Sadly this is what the classroom that I started in was like at nap time.

But some voice inside me said to trust and lean on Christ.   There were some days that I got through the day on prayer alone. 

But, this last week a wonderful opportunity arose. 

Yes it was a struggle for the first few weeks attempting to assist a teacher that needed way more than I could offer.  But my
determination paid off when an opening for a lead became available.

Preschool Classroom
I am now teaching 2 year olds and loving it.  I moved to the 2 year olds last Wednesday to assist the lead.  On Thursday she turned in her resignation.  And, miracles or miracles I got the promotion. 
The management had already seen my heart and my enthusiasm in action. 

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Not only for me but the children and parents.  But I have a wonderful veteran that is staying with me through this month (until we find my assistant). 

And so now I am making lesson plans!  Cleaning and organizing my room.  It is a joy to be able to say that! 

Studying the letter "F" this week.  Collecting a few ideas for crafts and lessons . . .

frogs crafts preschool - Google Search
Super simple project. The pre-schoolers will love painting the paper plates a bright cheerful green!
This will be finished and placed on the windows of our room so the children and parents can see them as the come to close. 

Another fun idea for the weekly bulletin board . . .

preschool frog activities - Google Search This one we will do on Monday to let the hand prints dry and then hang to display. And a fun project reinforcing the letter "F"

Letter of the Week-  craft F is for Frog.  She has most of the letters.  Looks like she just hasn't quite made it through the alphabet yet.
I am thankful for other bloggers and teachers and homeschool moms that share their creative ideas. 

All these ideas were found on Pinterest my new 'go to' for creativity!

Thankful that my prayers have been answered.   

And so a new Journey begins.  Would you like to come along? 

Maybe you have some ideas to share with me!  Leave me a comment and direct me to your blog posts or Pins!

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Denise said...

Congrats, very happy for you.