Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Yep making some changes.  My life is changing. 

Does that ever happen to you?  All of a sudden things go in a different direction? 


A few changes appear here.  Some changes to the Etsy Shop lots and lots of dressmaker patterns. 


Seeing all these patterns really makes me want to stitch up a dress.
But I wouldn't have anyplace to wear it. 

Vintage Singer sewing machine postcard. My mom's machine, I learned to sew on! Auntie Dem

I used to sew all my daughters clothing till she went to a Christian school in 2nd grade. 

That is when I took up quilting.  And I haven't stopped! 

Yep there was a change way back then. 

Cha Cha Cha Change . . ,

I know if your a regular following or even an occasional follower you see change here. 

I am spending less time taking pics.  Lots of reason for there. 

Spending more time on Pinterest.  Which brings me to the real post for today.    I hope you'll come back by and I hope you don't mind if you get my posts via email getting two today!  Just pretend it was one of those days I didn't post at all hehe!

Suspense. . . don't you love?  I love reading a good novel with suspense.  Nothing gory just a little intrique and a little romance thrown in! 

Suspense.  I kinda like it.  So I am leaving you in suspense about Change . . .  Yep I am changing direction . . .

Even with all these changes of direction. I still know one thing for sure . . .

The Way - John 14

Do you know which direction your going?

p.s.  The blue slippers stay!


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Denise said...

Good luck with the changes.