Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Hello Hello

I just can't help but say Hello again!
Because I am so happy to be here.  If you have been following I hope you've missed me as much as I have missed being here.  Oh does that bad?  Well I really do hope you'll start coming back around. 
Have you wondered where I've been?  Actually I have been right here.  But; I haven't had the inter-net since June.  But I have worked out the kinks and now I am back and doing a little . . .

I'll be posting much more often so I hope that you'll come by.
And I've had a few ideas and learned a few things from other bloggers lately.  So I hope you'll come by and check out the changes. 

Since I am a person that thrives on organization.  I didn't think that I am a list person but in a way I guess I am because I realize I keep myself organized through scheduling so I guess that is a little like being a list person. 

So I'll still be posting about certain topics on certain days. 

But instead of one post a day I'll still be writing a devotional or having a guest hostess share a devotional.  

I have just realized that as much as I enjoy having two blogs (actually 3 because of publish the ministry blog) I just can't keep them both us.   So I am going to combine my 'fun' blog (My Home Sanctuary) and My Journey Back. 

I think it will be amazingly fun!  I know you'll enjoy.

So come on by and say Hello

Back on The Journey . . .

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