Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday . . . Thank Goodness

I have a huge looooooooooooooooong list of things I am thankful for today!  Not necessarily in order except this one! 

#1 . . .I am thankful I am here.  Here as in writing this post for Thankful Thursday.  It has been so long and I have missed blogging so much. 

. . . I am thankful that we have moved and we are settling in to the new place.  It is really small and really cute.(photos soon)

. . .I am thankful that my Cowboy got a promotionn and that he is getting almost 40 hours a week. 

. . . I am thankful that even though Cowboy is working full time that we are able to continue ministry and that God provides.

. . . And last but not really last because this should be first I am thankful that God provides and that he answers prayer. 

God is good.  Even when we allow things  to blind us.  Even when he might seem far away he isn't.  

Today I am thankful God reminded me that I can trust in Him.  And, today I am praying that you remember too! 

Need a little more reminding go over to Iris's for more thankful posts.  Click here.

BTW let me know you came by!  I am happy your here! 

Thanks for coming on The Journey . . .
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