Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday Blessings

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.  I was hoping to leave you a couple of great photo's to make you smile.
I thought that my inter-net troubles were behind me.   But it seems that isn't the case.
If you've been wondering where I've been... it has been (click) here.     We have been at Hope Inn Christ
one week and 2 days.    We are still having trouble with the inter-net.  It seems to be working but I am not able to upload photo's now. 
I did manage to get a couple of reviews done.  I have a bunch more to get posted. 
And, I need to tidy up the blog and find some spring photo's to replace all those hearts!  I enjoyed putting together those heart photo's.  I hope you enjoyed visiting.
Thanks dear ones for your prayers. 
I am praying that things settle down and I can stay on-line long enough to post and that I can get some photo's uploaded.
Until next time.  I pray you have a Blessed Sunday. 
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