Wednesday, January 27, 2010

White Wednesday

Welcome to my White Wednesday tablescape. Lately I am always so behind. I finally finished putting this together yesterday. I have had all the components ready and waiting. It seemed it was almost too late since it has been so nice a warm the last few days. But alas snow is predicted this weekend so it's not too late at all.

There are som chippy white things really. The pot the small tree is in you have seen before.

See way at the back the architectural piece. That's the one from a garage sale that I brought in from the garden.

See at the very top of the little shelf the snowman with the blue hat. He is really, really old but he isn't chippy at all. He has been well taken care of.

Here's another angle maybe you can see the pot better.

And lastly I had to let you see the little "let it snow" sign. My Cowboy always tells me to put it away when I get it out!
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