Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

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Veggie Garden Day Book/Outdoor Wednesday

I have a few photo's of the veggie garden to share today with a little update . . . 
Marigolds as companions for the tomatoes are growing nicely and really ready to be repotted!
I'm thinking of planting in the top of the hanging tomato planters.
Planting 3 of the carrots.  These are up and ready to be repotted.  A couple of bunnies were over seeing their start.  They did well sitting here on the fireplace.  With the door open or the blinds open they get a lot of  sun.
Here's a close up.  They appear to be a little spindle.  I think that this container I used didn't give them enough of a root system.  I hope they survive the transplant.
Look at my salad greens!  They are doing so great!  I harvested some for our dinner.
Another lettuce. If you look really, really close beside the marker in the top you can see planting 3 of the carrots.  These aren't as spindly as the ones planted indoors.
Another lettuce.  This is a romaine was actually bought at the store and I re-rooted it.
This is the 2nd tomato that we planted in the hanging planter.  It is a large variety. I think it already has 3 blooms.  This the plant I'm thinking of planting a marigold in the top.
This poor little tomato.  Is the one that feel off the 2nd story and landed on the cement drive.  It survived and trying to hang on.
Sorry for the tacky looking dirty. I should have swept before taking photo's!

I am hoping to plant a hyacinth been by the base of this stand so it 
will climb up and cover the tacky looking stand. 

All in all I've had a few disappointments. The cucumbers didn't make it.  But the Cowboy noticed today that the original carrots
plantings finally sprouted!

Look really close and you can see the sprouts!  These are the seeds that my grandson planted. 
Plant mosaic 2:

What a smile.  He was really proud of his planting.  
T:           I can't wait to show him the seeds sprouted!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pressing Pause ( A Devotional for Moms) Book Review

I totally enjoyed this new devotional book.  Although its written by moms for moms with children at home
I think any woman would enjoy reading it.  I did.

I loved the title.  I know there are meaning times I just need to Press Pause!

The devotionals are short.  Actually maybe too short.  I caught myself wanting to read it like a book instead of a daily devotional.   But is that a bad thing?  I think not.

As described it is what it is.  !00 separate devotionals with topics like . . .
Turning Worry into Worship, A Place of Peace, More Than a Mom, Juicy-Fruit Faith and many more.

I didn't actually count them but it seemed to me that more of the devotionals were written by Karen than
Ruth.    They were equally encouraging and uplifting.

Each devotional begins with a scripture and ends with a few questions to ponder that you can answer right on the page there is a place for your thoughts and doodles.  I could see this lovely book used to illustrate the scripture.

Although I wasn't real impressed with the cover mainly because I think it doesn't photo well and wasn't real
attractive to me from a marketing perspective.  I wouldn't be drawn to pick it up off a shelf  based on the cover.  But once I read the title and subtitle I was definitely interested.  I did really like the colors and the paper used for printing.

All in all this is a really nice book that I would highly recommend for all moms.
It would make a great gift for a new mother or a great mothers day gift.

I enjoyed meeting the authors on the website and blog.  Click here for more information.
Click here for sample pages from the book.

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This book has my 5 star rating!  Check it out!

I received this book from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra today and sharing a peek at my plans for the week . . .

The weather is . . .
It's been nice but really, really windy.  It's a cold north wind so makes it cold.  Hopin' my veggie
plants survive.

Right now I am . . .
writing this post early on Sunday.  I have a job interview first thing Monday morning.

Thinking . . .
I don't know what to think about this interview.  All I've done the last month is go
on interview after interview.  The Cowboy is calling me a professional interviewer.
I'm trusting God's timing or at least trying.

On my t.v.
Last night I stayed up way too late.  Or rather this morning.  Started a show that came on at 12:00
and forgot it was two episodes so stayed up till 2:00.  I hate to admit but I'm a fan of Scandal.
I watched repeats last night.

On the menu for this week . . .

Monday-- Pork Tenderloin, Green Peas and leftover Pasta with a cup of Gumbo
The Cowboy likes a little Gumbo with a meal not a bowl of Gumbo.  Had some leftover Okra and
the leftover chicken, and sausage in the freezer. So it's a Gumbo day.
Tuesday -- Roast, Potatoes and Carrots
Wednesday -- Goulash, Fried Zuchinni, Corn On The Cob
Thursday -- Homemade Pizza
Friday -- Eating Out

On My To Do List --
Finishing up a project for a swap  (can't tell yet), starting and finishing the same project for my
daughters birthday on Friday.  Gathering paper for a paper swap.    Tidy the house.
Keep looking for a job.

Looking Forward To This Week --
My daughters birthday.

Looking Around The House --
I've been moving things around trying to fit all our furniture and things in a small space.
I've brought some books and fabric in from storage and trying to get everything arranged.

From The Camera . . .
So proud my son just started a new job a couple of weeks ago.  His dream job.  He is the manager at a
quarter horse breeding facility.  This is one of the new foal's only  a few hours after birth.

On My Prayer List . . .
My job situation and our finances

Bible Verse-Devotional . . .

Thanks for sharing my week!  

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunlit Sunday

Sharing a lovely photo I managed to get the other day . . . 
Took this with my phone.  I got as close as I felt like I could without scaring them. 
This is the third spring we've seen this pair around our apartment. 
Just such a sweet present to see them hanging around.  

           I hope you had a Blessed Day and a Happy Easter!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Blessings



Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review--Synched 'Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus'

                                                                          Image result for synced jennifer kennedy dean
I was pleased to have the opportunity to read this book.  I loved the subtitle . . . 'Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus'.
This is the perfect review to post today on Good Friday. 

I think we all could agree that we'd love to be more connected to our Lord!

In Synced, Jennifer Kennedy Dean shows us what living synced looks like, and how we can live connected to the heart of Jesus the same way He lived synced to the Father. What was the secret to Jesus’ life of power? How do we see His life of power emanating from His life of prayer? How do we see Jesus walking in a flow of power as He found Himself in the right place at the right time with the right resources? See what the Scripture has to show us about living connected to the heart of Jesus, and hear from present day believers who have experienced the power of living synced. 
To read a sample chapter click here 

The book is actually really short 11 Chapters packed into only 171 pages.  
The chapters include . . .
Living Synced, The Art of Prayer, Our Father, The Heavens, The Hallowed Name, Seek The Kingdom, To Will His Will, Day By, Let It Go and Proven followed by a Conclusion.  

For more information visit the authors website 

I think that I would have gotten more out of the book if I heard read it with a group as a study.  It was a little difficult for me to 'get into'.  

This post is part of a Bloggers Review tour hosted by Litfuse.  

I received a copy of this book from New Hope Publishers and Litfuse for this honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Can Learn To Pray/Children's Devotional Review

                                                       Product Details
I Can Learn To Pray is a fun, sweet devotional book for children.
The book contains 52 devotionals suggesting one devotional a week.

I enjoy the fact that it is current.  In the week 1 devotional it talks about how to communicate with God.  By cell phone, text message, sign language, or a walkie-talkie.  

The illustrations are fun and friendly.  

The 52 week devotions are divided into 7 sections:
1. Learning to Pray
2. Thank you Prayers
3 Wow Prayers
4 I'm Sorry Prayers
5 Help! Prayers
6 How to Listen
7 Jesus Prayers

Each devotional has questions and suggestions to do during the week and a simple prayers.  

This book is an excellent resource tool for families.  
It's recommended for ages 4-8.  I know my 7 year old grandson could read it.  I find it a little too much for the 4 year olds that I know.    I think it's best being a parent led devotional.  

It would also be an excellent resource for homeschool.  I could see activities to use through the whole week.  The actual prayers are short and would perfect for a writing lesson.  As well as learning the individual prayers.  

I highly recommend this fabulous book.  This would be the perfect gift for Easter.  

This book is the second from author Holly Hawkins Shivers.

Meet the Author

Holly Shivers is the author of I Can Learn the Bible and I Can Learn to Pray. Holly has served as a staff wife for over a decade at Prestonwood Baptist Church, where she stays involved in women's and children's ministries. She received her Master’s degree in counseling. Holly enjoys contributing to various writing projects and ministry blogs but is most passionate about writing to kids. Some of her favorite things are Dr. Pepper, rainy days, family time, and especially those Dallas Cowboys! Holly lives in Texas with her husband and four kids.

It is widely available and if your an Amazon Prime member you can receive it the next day.  

It is also available at Barnes and Noble  and Christian Book(dot)com.

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I wish to thank Tommy Nelson Publishers and the BookLook program for allowing me to review this book.
I received it free for writing my honest review.  I was not asked to write a positive review.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pitchin' A Fit Overcoming Angry Stressed Out Parenting--Book Review

                                         Image result for pitchin a fit israel & brook wayne
They had me at the introduction when a story is told about the family leaving on a trip and one of the 9 children is asked to feed the chickens.  I thought the story was funny but if you were there as one of those parents it wouldn't have been too funny.  

The book is filled with personal stories.   The authors do an excellent job of keeping the readers attention while presenting some relevant and practical information for parents.  It's not just about their opinions or what works for them it's about Biblical parenting. 

In 12 short chapters the authors share how not to parent with/in anger . . . 
  1. Stressed Out and Overwhelmed
  2. Is It Wrong to Get Angry?
  3. What Causes Anger?
  4. Provoking Our Children to Wrath?
  5. Trigger Happy — What Sets You Off?
  6. Yelling Moms, Hollering Dads
  7. “But I’m Not Patient!”
  8. What Patience Is and Isn’t
  9. Nurture in the Heart of Correcting
  10. The Power of Affirmation
  11. Creating Peace in the Home
  12. Accountability
From the back cover:
  • Provides practical and biblical solutions to get to the other side of the issue
  • Gives hope and freedom from the tyranny of stressed out and angry parenting.
  • Offers solutions that are ideal for any family
The authors also offer practical help and resources through their website , blog as well as Facebook groups.  (bold words are direct links)

For an interview with Shaun Tabatt of Cross Focused reviews click here

This book is a super easy read.  The chapters are a little long but they are broken up with sub thoughts that make the reading really easy.  

This is a good and practical book for any parent.

If your interested there is a reading group here

Thank you Cross Focused Reviews and New Leaf Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.
I was only asked to provide an honest review. 

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Happy Homemaker Monday

A peek into my week

The weather.....
Been cooler and windy had to move the veggie's in

Right now I am....
Trying to get the weather app on my phone to work.  Drinking a Dr. Pepper and typing this post.

I have a lot to do this week.  Planning my veggie garden and praying it produces.

On my TV.....
We've been watching the network that shows all older shows.  Recording Mr. Ed and a few others
for our grandson.  He was here yesterday we watched Adams Family.   The old shows are just clean and funny.
.On the menu for this week....

Monday -  Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Cream Gravy 
Tuesday - Goulash (what we call Ground Beef, Tomatos and Pasta)
Wednesday -White Chicken Chili
Thursday -  Beef
Friday - Can I Go Out?

On my to do list....
Organize my posts for the week.  Get a couple of reviews written.  Clean the house.
Finish laundry today after going to buy soap.  I really hate running out of things. 
Straighten and finish organize the cottage.

Looking forward to this week.... 
Had a good job interview last week.  But didn't get the job. But they said there might be an opening by the 
1st and it's mine.   Really?  I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket!

I do have an interview today at a Preschool teaching 3 year olds.  

Looking around the house....
My veggie garden is in my dining room.  We had a cool front!  I think it'll stay till tomorrow afternoon.

From the craft basic . . .
Back to working on an art journal for my daughter.  Her birthday is the end of 
the month.  I love this new project. 

From the camera....

Burger Boy3:
The last bite of his hamburger.  Friday we went to the zoo and the to In and Out Burger for a late lunch.

On my prayer list.....
My job situation.  I really need to find something.  I really want the office job at the vet clinic.  But everything 
seems to be pointing toward the preschool job.  
I'm praying that I can get any office job that is less physically demanding the preschool.

Bible verse, Devotional....
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all (1 Corinthians 13:4 - 13:7 ESV):

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Add A Caption?

.Wordless . . . 
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Sorry I was AWOL today.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Parks In Texas--America The Beautiful

We are on Spring Break this week.  It's a perfect time to visit 
some parks in our great state . . .
                                      Image result for texas parks and wildlife

                                            Mineral Wells State Park
         Gorgeous view.  Pretty cool fence too!

There are some fun places to visit. Texas Freshwater Fisheries 
located in Athens, Texas. 
Spring is here in Texas.  Our beautiful wildflowers are popping up in fields.  You can see some gorgeous fields along the highways and by ways . . . 

Our state flower is the Blue Bonnet.  They appear along our highways in huge fields.  The bluebonnet fields are a great photo opportunity!
                     Watch out for slithery critters!

The Alligator Gar is an interesting fish found in some of the rivers in Texas.  Click on the source for more info.  about fishing for
Alligator Gar.


Our parks are a great place for cyclist enthusiasts!  
Big Bend National Park is a favorite place for races and events. 

Last spring we had an unusual amount of rain.  Pretty much everything was underwater.  
Thanks to funding help, Bastrop State Park is recovering from the devastating fires.
The Texas parks offer some great places for walks and hikes.


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides many activities 
for the visitors to the parks. 

Our great state is home to a host of wild life . . . 



Our state parks offer lots of different types of lodging . . . 
Garner State Park Cabin Rentals | Garner State Park — Texas Parks & Wildlife Department:
                                                            Source Garner State Park


                                                           Source Davis Mountain State Park

              Are you planning your families summer vacation?    
Our big 'ole state of Texas offers lots of fun!  Come and check it out!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring At Pier One

Oh my goodness.  I saw a pin.  And I went to Pier One and Oh My Word . . . 

Look at the Rabbits!
Natural Biking Bunny
Oh My!  I want this guy.  He's on sale for $55.00 and some change!

And then if you have a mere $95.00 you can take this guy home.

Look at this cute guy.  He's on sale  for $19.96

And then there's the sweet one that I bought . . .

I had a hard time choosing. But I took this precious one home. 
Look at the little flower crown.  I had only a few bucks to spend. 
She was $11.96.

I can't wait till they go half price!  I hope I have a few bucks. 

If you have a few bucks and want to decorate for Easter and 
Spring go and check out Pier One.  

There are all kinds of Easter and Bunny items.  You'll love it!

I'll be showing you my Tablescape with my new Bunny in a few days.   I hope you can come by!