Friday, January 29, 2010

Faith & Fruit on Friday

The faith of a child. At the end of the year I began to think about the goals that I wanted to work on for this year. I wrote a post here. Some of those things were ministry related some where not.
One of the things that I didn't put on my list at the time was something I have been thinking about for awhile. I wasn't able to really put it into words so I left it off the list.
But I have been thinking about how God wants to use me and this blog to be an encouragement. And how beyond this medium how I can be an encouragement to others. To people I come in contact with everyday. Of course family members top the list. But beyond that people others that I either associate with through work/ministry, neighbors, even people at church.
In the neighbor category I fail miserably. I thought when we first moved her about how nice it would be to invite some neighbors over and maybe host a Bible Study or something to share our faith with them. And I did fail miserably. I have one neighbor just right across the fence that I only began talking to a few months ago. I didn't take her anything at Christmas. Although I thought about it. But just never got around to it.
One of the reasons that I failed with meeting the other neighbors I have come to realize is pride.
And just the last few days the subject of pride has really hit home with me. You see I don't post a lot of photo's of my house. The inside or even of the outside. Because of pride.
This isn't so much because I think someone elses house pretty although most are. In fact the way my house is decorated and the things I have I guess I am a little prideful there too. But I am really talking more about the way it looks. I don't want anyone coming in because it isn't perfect. Actually it is so far from perfect that I am just ridiculous about it.
The main problem is we just don't have time. We don't take the time to take care of the house. I think we tend to blame that on ministry or use that as an excuse. We work extremely long hours. And actually what we do is very emotionally draining. But that really isn't so much the reason.
I think these are the reasons:
blogging (dang I really didn't want to put that one there)
And because of the above and because they cause me to not keep my house the way I should I don't invite people over.
Because of the disorganization and blogging I don't take the time to sit and write a note to someone. I think about it and then I can't find the cards. Or I am reading a blog and I see a comment and am lured away and then it is time to cook or go to bed.
And so I have decided that I am making a fresh start. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up but on Friday's(I'll start going back the food bank soon and begin sewing classes in March, plus moving) I am going to try to post what I did to encourage someone this week.
Whether it is a card or a note. A phone call. Or an invite to dinner. Which may be on paper plates or on top of boxes.
And when we move I am going to meet the neighbors. And maybe even invite some over for dessert or something amidst all the boxes. You see with my lifestyle I know my house won't be perfect for a looooooooooooooooong time.
I am still going to post date night again starting in February. I figured Valentines is inspiration for everyone. So come on back too for that.
I hope your day is Blessed and I hope that in my randomness that you received some encouragement. Even if it just to realize that your house isn't as messy as you thought. Because; if there was a prize for messiness I would get it.
Be Blessed and Make Fruit